What is Cement Lock?

Cement Lock is a manufacturing process that uses contaminated sediments including PCBs and PFAS compounds, as well as Coal Ash and any other toxic materials, as an ingredient to produce commercially valuable, non-hazardous products.

Instead of contaminated materials being removed from the soil and waterways, only to be placed in landfills where they remain a future health and economic liability, toxic materials are recycled in a “melt” that encapsulates the toxic properties of the contaminants and creates a non-leachable cement admixture called “Ecomelt”. Ecomelt surpasses the performance specifications of Portland cement.

The more Ecomelt that is manufactured, the greater the quantity of contaminants that are permanently removed from the environment.

A Proven Technology

The Cement Lock technology was developed for the EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A pilot program was launched in Bayonne, NJ, using toxic material from the Passaic River. The technology was further refined by Volcano Partners and the global engineering firm of Wood Group. Besides Ecomelt being manufactured, electricity is also produced to provide power to the local community.

Wood PLC

Wood PLC will build the next generation of Cement-Lock plants.

Wood PLC has over 100 years of experience and currently has 9 rotary kilns operating in the United States with an exceptional long-term operational and compliance history. Cement-Lock plants utilize off-the-shelf design components and may be operational within approximately 12 months of site selection and completing the permitting process.

Wood PLC has completed a preliminary Cement-Lock commercial design, increasing the operability, efficiency and throughput capabilities while utilizing the pollution control devices to operate within the EPA’s pollution control mandates.”

Wood PLC - DuPont’s Sabine River Hazardous Waste Destruction Plant, Orange, TX

Plant Tower - Copy

Wood PLC has two (2) thermal destruction facilities operating for DowDuPont. Both are EPA permitted Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) facilities.

The Cement-Lock technology manufacturing process is an upgrade to thermal destruction.

Cement Lock U.S. Technology Sponsors

  • US Department of Energy, Brookhaven National Laboratory

  • US Environmental Protection Agency

  • New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

  • New Jersey’s Department of Commerce and Economic Development, Office of Maritime Resources

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

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