Site Remediation Management & Budget

What Are My Costs?

The Cement Lock process is managed by Volcano Partners LLC. Volcano is a privately held company that finances, builds and operates the Cement Lock plants along with its technical partners.

  • There is no Up-Front Capital Cost to the government agency or responsible party.
  • The cost of toxic material processing is less than the “all-in” cost of alternative methods of contaminated materials management.
  • With the toxic material removed from the environment, there is no on-going maintenance or monitoring costs of landfill or CAD sites.
  • Costly liabilities for toxic material that processed are eliminated.
  • Land / Waterfront is redeveloped. Surrounding property values increase.
  • Electricity is produced and sold to the local utility.
  • Ecomelt is sold to cement manufacturers (Which reduces Cement Lock operating costs.)
  • Redeveloped Land increases the tax base for communities.