Our Approach

How We Think

There are social & environmental benefits to communities that adopt a readily available technology developed for the EPA. It permanently removes health hazards generally impacting the low-income communities that are at the greatest environmental risk. Using this technology, communities may be redeveloped with long-term health risks in the environment being permanently eliminated. 

The Cement Lock technology is in compliance with the January 20th Biden Administration’s Environmental Executive Order, the EPA’s April 9th Environmental Justice mandate and all existing U.S. environmental regulatory mandates including CERCLA. The Cement Lock technology is also in compliance with Government Regulations for “Legitimacy Criteria”, which calls for permanently extinguishing  environmental health risks. This thermal process does not utilize incinerators, which leave behind contaminated residues and airborne contaminants. This technology uses manufacturing principles to convert toxic contaminants into a commercially valuable, non-hazardous building product used to rebuild healthy communities impacted by toxic pollution.


Al Hendricks

Chairman and CEO