What Are People Saying About Us?

Mature Technology
James E. Woolford: “My technology innovation staff has reviewed your literature and found the technology to be quite mature, having completed full-scale demonstrations as well as commercial applications.”

EPA, Director of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation
Ready for Full-Scale
“Today the appropriate technology for managing these sediments, Cement-Lock®, is available and a group (Volcano Partners LLC) is ready to develop facilities for full scale operations.”

Anne L. Kruger, Ph.D., Technical Advisor, Diamond Alkali Superfund Site | Ella F. Filippone, Executive Administrator | Michael Reinhart, Environmental Specialist
Virtually Odorless
“However, today there is the Cement-Lock tool. Cement-Lock is a virtually odorless thermal-chemical technology that converts contaminated sediment and hazardous waste to Ecomelt®, a non-leachable, harmless beneficial-use product. When combined with cement it exceeds the ASTM requirements for Portland cement and concrete.”

National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (NACEPT)
Lower 8.3 Miles of the Lower Passaic River: Record of Decision
Commenters stated that local thermal decontamination meets the CERCLA preference for permanent treatment and is ecologically and economically sustainable.

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