Community Investment & Economic Revitalization

Grow and Revitalize

The Cement Lock technology is in alignment with Federal programs such as the EPA’s Superfund Redevelopment Initiative and the Brownfields and Land Redevelopment Program, that focus upon returning contaminated lands to long-term sustainable and productive re-use.

A remediated hazardous waste site with no possible future health liability is typically supportive of public and private partnerships to revitalize communities. The use of Ecomelt is available at a significant construction cost savings, thereby lowering the cost of concrete and making revitalization efforts more affordable.

With permanent site remediation, the surrounding property values increase. Redeveloped Land increases the tax base for communities.

Contaminant waste sites are often within or adjacent to Opportunity Zones. This program provides investors with economic incentives to invest in communities. Once a contaminated site is remediated with no possible future health risks, investment is much more likely.