The Cement-Lock™ Technology

Why Cement Lock?


Cement-Lock™ is a versatile, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manufacturing technology for producing construction-grade cements from a wide variety of contaminated waste materials, such as sediments, Superfund sites, sludges, chemical wastes, petroleum refinery wastes, and incinerator residues. Organic and inorganic contaminants are present in these wastes across a broad range of concentrations.

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Our Strategy

Volcano Partners' corporate strategy targets the most toxic materials in the environment identified under U.S. EPA Superfund law that poses the greatest threat to human health. Through the technology we own and competitive solutions we provide, we seek markets where Volcano Partners has significant advantages introducing a permanent solution for the destruction of the toxic properties of hazardous materials, and their conversion to beneficial reuse.

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The Challenge

Millions of tons of hazardous material is dumped, spilled or transported to confined disposal facilities (CDFs and CADs) each year. Human health and ecosystems are challenged at every stage of its lifecycle. Metals such as lead and mercury pose significant health threats, with an estimated 23% of the deaths in the developing world attributed to environmental factors.

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