A Manufacturing process that converts PCB’s, Heavy Metals, PFAS’s and other toxic materials

Into a Non-Leachable, Non-Hazardous Portland Grade Cement Admixture


Plastic waste is recycled and manufactured into a cement admixture permanently  removing the plastic from the environment.


The Cement-Lock™ process is compliant and exceeds Federal and State EPA environmental regulatory mandates.


A Cement-Lock™ facility creates jobs, stimulates the local economy and initiates community revitalization programs.


Low-income communities who’s lands and waterways have been contaminated are returned for public and recreational use.

Cement-Lock™ is Patented

A socially responsible next generation process for habitat restoration through the permanent destruction of the toxic materials in the environment.

Permanent Environmental Remediation Solution

& Capability

Scalable to any Volume of Remediation Need

Converts Contaminants into Low Cost Materials

The Cement-Lock™ process solves the environment’s most “toxic contamination” challenges. It permanently destroys the toxicity of organic & inorganic contaminants that impact aquatic and upland environments, and renders them non-hazardous while producing beneficial-use products.

Volcano Partners’ patented Closed-Loop process is focused upon the industrial manufacturing, mining, and port-commerce/maritime industries where remediation, reduction of volume and restoration of impacted sites is required. Environmental programs where this process may be applied include Superfund and RCRA, as well as global venues where an organic Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) of 99.9999% is desirable. Toxic waste and contaminants are converted to non-hazardous, beneficial-use products that include construction grade cement and other key products, with no residual.

Cement-Lock™ is an environmental turn-key manufacturing process that disassociates and/or destroys the toxic properties of contaminants in sediments and soils, industrial wastes, etc. from years of environmental degradation. The sediments/soil are melted into a cement product called EcoMelt which is non-hazardous and stable, and used as a 40% replacement for Portland cement in concrete for use in general construction and/or where high strength is required.

Developed for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Cement-Lock™ process permanently destroys the toxicity of hazardous materials and  through their  conversion to non-hazardous beneficial-use   products, reduces or permanently extinguishes the legacy liability that challenges many manufacturing businesses. Additional beneficial-use products include the production of electricity and purification of water in communities that lack the resources for sustainable development. 

Our Dedication: Volcano Partners is committed to providing leadership towards the sound environmental stewardship of our waterways and natural resources with technology development that continues to provide the most efficient social, economic and environmental solutions that reduce the health challenges that communities face today. Through our global partnerships with industry leading engineering, construction and environmental companies, we are able to continually deliver the latest in new technology enhancements that promote efficiency with permanent, holistic toxic material destruction solutions.



Cement Lock is a low cost, closed-loop process. The construction of Cement-Lock plants utilize all “off-the-shelf” equipment that is readily available worldwide.


Contaminated Sediments are Permanently Removed from the Environment and Watershed and Returned as Eco-Friendly Beneficial-Use Products.

Health & Safety

Human & Environmental Safety is the highest priority within Cement Lock.


Wood Group, with over 100 years of experience within the United States has an exceptional long-term operational and compliance history.